Positioning Statement

The KFUPM brand is based on the brand´s essence, character, and attributes to distinguish it among competing universities. From these, we also formulate the KFUPM brand positioning statement— a clear declaration of our uniqueness and appeal:

"King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals is a multi-cultural institution of international repute focused on quality education and innovative research that prepares professionals and entrepreneurs to lead social, economic and technical development in local and global communities."

With this statement, the university acknowledges the many facets of its identity, all working towards the same goal. Just like the octagon, the university´s symbol. The eight sides of this geometric shape are of equal importance yet are still dependent on each other. The resulting shape is one of balance and unity. Thus, it is only logical that the octagon ´multi-facet´ concept drive the overall identity system and brand application.